Celtic Song Model Horses

 Welcome to Taliesin Thoroughbreds, a division of Celtic Song Stables.  Here you will find our stallion roster.  We are proud to be able to stand both American & foreign born stallions of both racing & sporting types.  Stallions are listed in order of age, senior to junior.  Those that are currently BSO's, will eventually have model bodies as I find ones I believe will represent what I "see" when I look at them in my mind.  LFC's on pensioned stallions can be extended on permission, as long as you don't go over his 25th birthday :)  I hope you will find one of these handsome guys to your liking!

Zever Quit

1945 chestnut

Sire: Zevson(r)(Zev x Delpine)  

Dam: Snowflake(r)(Mad Hatter x Snowdrop)

This handsome stallion is double Godolphin Arabian sireline, with plenty of fire & power to provide you with a foal who is sure to have a drive to win!

Foal crops from 1950-1967

Sire of:

Zever Get Caught-1953 bay filly, owned by KSW Stables

 First Corsair

1958 buckskin

Sire: Foremost(r)(Whirlaway x Twilight Tear)  

Dam: Lady Corsair(r)(Band Time x Opal Smith).

Corsair comes down from a non Milkie, non Glitter Please cream dilute pedigree.  Dam & 2nd dam are both listed buckskins in the TB database.

Foal crops from 1963-1982.  Limited books for 1980-1982.

Sire of:

Corporal Punishment-1963 buckskin colt, owned by KSW stables

Dusty Memories-1963 buckskin filly, owned by KSW Stables

Pet Me-1964 buckskin filly owned by KSW Stables

First Prison-1972 buckskin colt owned by KSW Stables

 Court Reporter

1964 grey(bay)

Sire: Bossuet(r)(Boswell x Vibration)

Dam: Court Dowd(r)(Court Scandal x Tyerina)

Foal crops from 1968-1986, limited book from 1987-1989

 Mr. Fantastik

1965 bay(shown here as a 2 year old)

Sire: Our Babu(r)(My Babu x Glen Line) 

Dam: Fantan(r)(Ambiorix x Red Eye)

Double direct Byerley Turk sire line

Foal crops from 1970-1987

Sire of:

Jailbreak-1970 bay colt owned by KSW Stables

Flanders Fields

1968 liver chestnut

Sire: Battle Joined(r)(Armageddon x Ethel Walker)  

Dam: Arbor(r)(Ardan x Brittany)

Pedigree free from Native Dancer, Northern Dancer

Foal crops from 1973-1990

Fantastic Voyage

1970 dark bay/black

Sire: Mr. Fantastik(m)(Our Babu(r) x Fantan(r)  

Dam: Ticket to Ride(m)(Citation(r) x Blue Delight(r))

Byerly Turk direct sire line

Foal crops from 1975-1992

Haarm None

1972 dark bay

Sire: Le Haar(r)(FR)(Vieux Manoir x Mince Pie)  

Dam: Alecto(r)(GB)(Combat x Fury)

FFC in UK: 1977

Imported to US in 1978

Crops in US from 1979-1995

Any Card Will Do

1973 grey(chestnut)

Sire: Vertex(r)1954 chestnut(The Rhymer x Kanace)  

Dam: Gin Card(r)1955 grey(Cochise x Place Card)

Foal crops from 1978-1997

Sire of:

The Druid-1985 bay filly, owned by KSW stables

 Cosmic Needle

1975 bay

Sire: Needles(r)1953 bay(Ponder x Noodle Soup) x 

Dam: Cosmah(r)1953 bay(Cosmic Bomb x Almahmoud)  

Foal crops from 1980-1998

Sire of:

Cosmic Saga-1987 buckskin filly owned by KSW Stables

Cosmic Storm-1988 smoky black colt owned by KSW Stables

Decidedly Devious

1976 grey(chestnut)

Sire: Decidedly(r)1959 grey(bay)(Determine x Gloire Fille)  

Dam: Soaring(r)1960 chestnut(Swaps x Skylarking)

Foal crops from 1981-1998

Sire of:

Devious Queen-1990 flaxen chestnut filly owned by KSW Stables

Dream Maker

1980 bay with gulastra plume

Sire: Bootmaker(r)(Quiz x Filipica)

Dam: Elsie's Dream(r)(Promised Land x Alga)

Godolphin Arabian direct sire line, NOT through MOW....

Non Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Nasrullah & Bold Ruler.

FFC 1985, test crop 1984, limited to 5 mares.

LFC 2005

Cougar Royale

1980 bay

Sire: Cougar(r)1966 dark bay/brown(Tale Of Two Cities x Cindy Lou)  

Dam: Royal Loom(r)1971 bay(Loom x Abrogate)

Free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Bold Ruler & Nasrullah....

Foal crops from 1985-2004

 Fab's Flyer

1981 chestnut

Sire: Hasty Flyer(r)1971 chestnut(Misty Flight x Hasty Queen)  

Dam: Taina(r)1967 dark bay/brown(Fabius x Cusmet)

Pedigree free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Bold Ruler & Nasrullah...

Foal crops from 1986-2004


 Corsair's Appealing Legacy

1982 buckskin

Sire: First Corsair(m)(Foremost(r) x Lady Corsair(r))

Dam: Sex Appeal(r)(Buckpasser x Best In Show)

Free of Native Dancer, Northern Dancer, Bold Ruler, etc.

Foal crops from 1987-2002, limited books 2003-2005

 Leave Em Laughing

1982 bay

Sire: Shecky Greene(r)1970 bay(Noholme x Lester's Pride)  

Dam: Am Desireable(r)1974 bay(Red Monk x Ampart)

Free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Nasrullah & Bold Ruler...

Foal crops from 1987-2005

 Bail Money

1983 black

Sire: Traffic Cop(r)1969 bay(Traffic Judge x Flight Bird)  

Dam: Kantado(r)1976 bay(Saulingo x Vi).

Free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Bold Ruler & Nasrullah

Foal crops from 1988-2005

 Island Affair

1988 grey(chestnut)

Sire: Alias Smith(r)1973 grey(bay)(Al Hattab x Hooplah)  

Dam: Island Kitty(r)1976 chestnut(Hawaii x T.C. Kitten)

Free of Northern Dancer, Bold Ruler, Nasrullah, Native Dancer

Foal crops from 1993-2011


1990 bay

Sire: Lord At War(r)1980 chestnut(General x Luna De Miel)  

Dam: All Along(r)1979 bay(Targowice x Agujita)

His pedigree is international, with his sire being an Argentinian import & a sire of stakes winners, his dam being French.  He is bred to love the turf, but be versatile enough to handle dirt as well as synthetic.  Carries lines to Targowice, Con Brio, Vieux Manor, & Bold Ruler.  Free of Northern Dancer, & Native Dancer.

Foal crops from 1995-2013 

Sire of:

Catchin Fire-1994 ch sabino filly, owned by KSW stables

 Big Johnson

1991 chestnut

Sire: Pillow Talk(r)1982 dark bay/brown(Star De Naskra x Peg The Pruner)  

Dam: Drag Queen(r)1982 chestnut(Stage Door Johnny x Forever Gay)

USA born & bred, he seems to come from little used lines, making him a good outcross for girls from more popular ones.  Free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer & Bold Ruler.

Foal crops from 1996-current

 Port Or Starboard

1991 bay

Sire: Final Straw(r)1977 chestnut(Thatch x Last Call)  

Dam: Porta Westfalica(r)1983 bay(Windwurf x Perette)

This boy boasts an international pedigree, sire is UK bred, dam is German bred out of a French dam!  Imported as a yearling from Germany, he is a handsome outcross that can produce foals with aptitude for turf or dirt!  Free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Bold Ruler & Nasrullah.

Foal crops from 1996-current

National Treasure

1992 buckskin

Sire: Milkie's Desire(r)1986 palomino(Milkie x Desirable Lady)  

Dam: Lady Alexis(r)1982 dark bay/brown(Muscovite x Please Bless)

Bred for color, this good looking boy is JC registered, so can produce foals for the track as well as the arena.  A grandson of Milkie, he also has lines to Nasrullah, Prince John, Nijinsky, Native Dancer & Northern Dancer.

Foal crops from 1997-current 

Exceller's Vision

1993 chestnut

Sire: Exceller(r)1973 bay(Vaguely Noble x Too Bald)  

Dam: Second Sight(r)1981 bay(Damascus x Two For The Show)

Named for his sire, who died in a Japanese slaughterhouse before he could be rescued, this handsome stallion carries lines to Nearco, Nasrullah, Damascus, Native Dancer, & Prince John.

Foal crops from 1997-current


1995 dark bay/black

Sire: Bertrando(r)(Skywalker x Gentle Hands)

Dam: Ticklish(m)(Hasty Cloud(r) x Gay Poss))

Godolphin Arabian direct sire line on both sire AND dam...

Foal crops from 2000-current

Can't Fight The Moonlight

1995 bay

Sire: Illumination(m)(Lord At War(r) x All Along(r))  

Dam: East Of The Moon(r)1991 dark bay/brown(Private Account x Miesque)

An own son of our Illumination, Moonlight is an elegant, athletic combination of European & American bloodlines.  His dam's pedigree is nearly racing royalty.

Foal crops from 2000-current

Mexican Vacation

1996 grey(chestnut)

Sire: Holy Bull(r)1991 grey(bay)(Great Above x Sharon Brown)  

Dam: Cozumel Kitty(r)1984 chestnut(Tom Rolfe x Cozumel)

Free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, with one cross to Nasrullah

Foal crops from 2001-current

 Panic Button

1997 grey(bay)

Sire: The Mad Doctor(r)1984 bay(Dr. Blum x Joy Deb Jamey)  

Dam: Do Not Panic(r)1990 grey(bay)(Key To The Kingdom x Nimble Tudor)

Free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, 2 crosses to Bold Ruler, one on each side of the pedigree

Foal crops from 2002-current

 Wind City Slew

1997 dark bay/brindle

Sire: Slew City Slew(r)(Seattle Slew x Weber City Miss)

Dam: Winnowing Wind(r)(Super Moment x Flutter Away)

Godolphin Arabian several times on direct distaff line.

Free of Native Dancer, Northern Dancer, carries 2 crosses to Nasrullah on sire side

Foal crops 2001-current

Spectacular Storm

1997 grey

Sire: Spectacular Bid(r)1976 grey(bay)(Bold Bidder x Spectacular)  

Dam: Secretarial Queen(r)1977 dark bay/brown (Secretariat x Nicoma)

Native Dancer, Northern Dancer free, carries 3 crosses to Nasrullah

Combining The Bid & Secretariat both in one pedigree, Storm is a force to be reckoned with!  Power up your racing string with a foal by him!

Foal crops from 2002-current 

 Flashy Investment

1999 chestnut

Sire: Polynomial(m)(Ack Ack(r) x Alanesian(r))

Dam: Explosive Roberta(m)(Time To Explode(r) x Robalea(r))

Free of Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Nasrullah

Foal crops from 2004-current

 Act Of Valor

1999 grey(chestnut)

Sire: Spectacular Bid(r)1976 grey(bay)(Bold Bidder x Spectacular)  

Dam: A Star For Courage(r)1989 bay or chestnut(The Hague x Cold Star)

Free of Native Dancer, Northern Dancer, Nasrullah

Foal crops from 2004-current

Skippin Sequins

2000 grey(bay)

Sire: Skip Away(r)1993 grey(bay)(Skip Trial x Ingot Way) 

Dam: Baby Chloe(r)1992 chestnut(Rahy x Le Chien Rouge)

Sequins has a great pedigree, with lines to Rahy, Halo, Damascus, Promised Land & Nashua.  One cross to Native Dancer, 3 to Nasrullah

Foal crops from 2004-current

Sire of: Saga Sequins-2004 buck filly owned by KSW stables

 Isle Of View

2000 chestnut Australian import

Sire: Erin's Isle(r)1978 bay(Busted x Chemise)  

Dam: Gatana(r)1989 bay(Marauding x Twigalae)

Free of Native Dancer, Northern Dancer, Nasrullah

Foal crops from 2005-current

Limited book in 2004

Rumor Has It

2003 chestnut frame overo/sabino

Sire: Racey Remarque(r)(Sonny's Solo Halo x Patchy Lassy)  

Dam: Wine Cooler(r)(Siyah Kalem x Pour The Wine)

One line to Native Dancer, one to Nasrullah

Foal crops from 2007-current


2003 grey(black)

Sire: Brilliant Move(m) (Halo's Image(r) x Silvery Light(r)  

Dam: Giggles(m)(Out of Place(r) x Pride of Baino(r))

One line to Native Dancer, free of Northern Dancer, 3 lines to Nasrullah

This guy was bred by Eclipse Acres, we appreciate being able to own & stand him :)  

Foal crops from 2008-current

Dance After Dark

2005 dark bay/brown (shown here as a foal)

Sire: Figure(m)(Relaunch(r) x Azure Blade(m))  

Dam: Skydancer(m)(Seattle Slew(r) x Shy Vita(r))

Godolphin Arabian direct sire line

Bred by KSW Farms, we appreciate the opportunity to purchase & stand this colt!

Foal crops 2009-current