Celtic Song Model Horses

Welcome to Glamis Drafters, a division of Celtic Song Stables.  Here you will find our heavy horses.  Clydes & Shires can be used as crosses for NASD's, Drum Horses, etc. You will not find Vanners here, nor may they be used to create Vanners.  I hope you like the small selection we have, & we'll be adding more of these noble breeds as we can!

North American Spotted Draft 

Technicolor Dreamcoat

1993 black tobiano stallion of Shire/APHA breeding

Sire: Metheringham Joseph(r)(Shire)(Hainton Jim x Tremoelgoch Beauty) 

Dam: MissDixieAdorable(r)(blk tobiano APHA)(Triple Dixie x Mighty Miss Tink)

FFC 1998


 Et Tu Brute

2004 bay tobiano stallion of Clydesdale/Shire type bred by Persimmon Hill Farm/Real mare

Sire: Bon Temp Roulez(m)(Reilly's Move(m)(x W.V. Trixie) x Scotland's Pearl(m)(Roswell's Scotty(r))  

Dam: Black Forest Ides of March(r)(Deighton Commodore x Fox Valley Madam Butterfly)

FFC 2009

 CS Lord Of The Manor

2003 bay sabino breeding stock stallion of Percheron/Clydesdale descent

Sire: Celtic Song Noble Heritage(m)(Phesdo Noble Scot(r) x Gallant's Candy Rose(r))  

Dam: Carousel's Classic Choice(r)1999 Percheron(Jack, 1989 grey x Carousel's Choice)

FFC 2008

My Lady's Tiara

1983 bay tobiano/overo/sabino mare of Shire/APHA type

Sire: Ladbrook Aristocrat(r)(Shire)  

Dam: A Precious Jewel(r)(bay tobiano APHA)

Open Years: 1988-2005

Starlight Jingo

1987 bay tobiano/overo mare of Percheron/APHA type

Sire: Pine Hill Champ(r)(Starlight Koncar Chief x Nordholm Mae II)(Perch) 

Dam: Miss Jingo Bars(r)(Silver Jingo x Zorina Bars)(bay tobi APHA)

Open Years: 1992-2012


 CS Dragonfire

1983 grey(black) stallion

Sire: Highview Dragano(r)(Justamere Showtime x Paigeview Ellen)  

Dam: Mi Dids Doll(r)(Did x Cantress)

FFC 1988

 CS Knight's Tale

1990 black stallion

Sire: Blackhome Duke(r)(Blackhome Donnet Lyn x Blackhome Carrie Doll)  

Dam: Kirby's Mila(r)(Kirby's Mac of East Hawkesbury x Lo Lynd Lady Trustee)

FFC 1995


Saint Joan

1988 black mare

Sire: Pine Hill Champ(r)(Starlight Koncar Chief x Nordholme Mae II)

Dam: Joanna Laet(r)(Mac Lee x LA Joan)

Open Years: 1993-2008



Hanningfield Lord John

1987 grey(bay) stallion imported from the UK

Sire: Edingale Grey King(r)(Edingale Mascot x Edingale Princess Marie)

Dam: Hanningfield Lorna Doone(r)(Hanningfield Y Knott x Hanningfield Minx)

Foal crops from 1992-2008

 CS Constellation

1994 light grey(bay) stallion

Sire: Fox Valley Orion(r)(Rhyd-Y-Groes Premier King x Iddon House Black Opal)  

Dam: Ox Kill Surprise Minneapolis(r)(Folly Farm Grey Forrester x Walker House Surprise)

FFC 1998

 CS Magus

1995 black sabino stallion

Sire: Snelson Magnus(r)(Dothan Mastermind x Snelson Elizabeth)  

Dam: Woodholme Ann(r)(Moores Gay Ambassador x Marr Beauty)

FFC 1999

Butterfly Kisses

1995 grey(black) mare

Sire: Garreg William(r)(Metheringham Stormer x Iddon House Black Jewel)  

Dam: Fox Valley Madam Butterfly(r)(Ladbrook Aristocrat x Rhyd-Y-Groes Silver Maid)

Open Years: 1999-2014