Celtic Song Stables

Celtic Song Model Horses is a hobby site.  I am involved in pedigree assignment, & follow color genetics & naming traditions for each breed represented in these pages.  Enjoy looking around at the herd, & have fun!

Rules:  I only have a few of them, & I ask that they be followed where ever possible 

1. Foals must be 4 years younger than each parent.  On SOME stallions I will be open to a foal in their 3 year old season for a limited book, so if you need to do this to make it work for you, please ask.  Photos of foals not required but much appreciated :)

2. Please follow color genetics, and if you are unsure if a certain combination of parents can produce your foal, make one parent the same base color as your foal, or email me & ask.

3. I am no longer accepting non aging foals.

4. Mares may only have one foal per year except in breeds where ET (embryo transfer) is legal.  I will allow ONE set of twins per mare in that mare's breeding career.  Mare years start in most cases at 4 years of age & continue till she is 20.  In some cases, I can be persuaded to give a special mare a foal past the age of 20, but NO older than age 25 so please ask.  These foals will be on photo approval.

5. I maintain "historical stock" that can be bred from for older ID's if those horses still have breeding years open.  Please feel free to request them.